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It’s very new product to Tanzania tourism industry. Again it´s hardly to find an agency on it. Imagine Tanzania Tourism Bureau has dyed-in-the-wool in a very professional way to work on, enrollment and providing the following depending to your needs:

We believe that, the best management firm can help company growth and fulfill investors prosper dreams.

Tanzanite – TMS: ITTB Chart

ITTB / TMS: Tanzanite Package

The Tanzanite Package is a jam-packed of Tourism management Services that we offer, that have the following:-

  1. Tanzania tourism base researches.
  2. Project Investment advisors, establishment/ renovation & development.
  3. Administration team, (management and operations)
  4. Accounting and Auditing
  5. Promotion and marketing
  6. Human Resources Management
  7. Tourism legal consultation
  1. Tanzania tourism base researches

There is a lot of opportunity and demand for new investors to invest in Tanzania tourism industry or to extend profiles within the industry. Majority of investors are not taking time to find the professional researches which have been done on concerning field, ending on investing blindly. This results in to failure of many Projects. I.e. wrong business/project investment location, over investments which also cause difficulties in market segmentation and penetration. Definitely projection of no sales, no revenues and project failure is around the corner.

We provide Tourism Industry researches and we can either conduct a research within your ideas or analyze professionally the success of project or fairly beforehand.

  1. Project Investment consultations, establishment/Renovations & development.

This is a very sensitive Area, the proper investments /projects must be established following the footsteps of Industry/ business experts as they have abilities to resolute the success of the project in terms of Demand/Supplier, investment cost, marketing positioning and budget, sales and revenue, or a time frame. That will guide you to walk a right track since the beginning and not at the middle way or end of the road. You may less the loss while in the mid way but very rare at the stage C, if and only if you have invest or establish a project poorly and not on business principles.

We can either provide project investment consultations to your constructor, structures and unique professional touches or handle both project/ Investment consultations and constructions (Establishment/building/renovating/develop).

  1. Administration team, (Management and Operations)

The segment 1 and 2 gets us to segment three, the two of the above may be well implemented, but poor management, unqualified staffs, un-conducive working environment, pitiable company structure and job descriptions, bad Implementation of business case and marketing strategies or accounts management, also will be some of the reasons for project/business to fail or not doing well.

We have our Administration team from Management level to front office staff (and sometime we can recruit among the old staff to get a dream team) which fulfill the Imagine Tanzania Tourism Bureau Standards – International standards

  1. Accounting and Auditing

Its heart of any company life and prosper, taking into consideration it’s significant, we believe our expertise in not only accounting or auditing, but also a long experience and knowledge in tourism operations and products are right choose ,Precautions and solutions to many problems facing Most of accounting departments.

  1. Promotion and marketing

Wise words “There is no need to invest if you neither have marketing strategies nor marketing budget to implement the marketing strategies.

Experts are aware that there is three ways of communicating- seeing- talking – hearing. We also believe that, the three major ways of communications creates three type of clients, in order to rich the three type of clients and change them to buyers of your products/service, you need to make them either see, talk or hear about you and your products/service; how will they buy/use your services if not, the three aspects need a professional approach and a running budget.

Our marketing experts will prepare marketing strategies according to your marketing budget, prepare the Marketing items (according to your budget), implement the strategies, reveal and assess in a certain given period. And finally Project sales and expected cost of operation and revenue.

  1. Human Resources Management

Imagine Tanzania Tourism Bureau easy Investor and Management roles. We are recruiting, hiring out different qualified staffs, from front office staff to Management level in tourism Industry, i,e Hotels, Lodges or Camps, Tour Companies, Travel Agencies, Restaurants, sport hunting, charter Companies, water sports center etc –

Please don’t walk an extra mile and just contact us we have unbelievable skills and answers for you.

  1. Tourism legal consultations.

Clean business/Project must be established – running- sale – revenue and tax payable under the United Republic of Tanzania governance laws. Our attorney team, knowledgeable and experienced in both, laws and the Tourism Industry roles, are ready to assist, please contact us for assistance.


Kindly note it’s not necessary to buy Tanzanite package (Segment 1-7), but you can either hire one or two, etc of them according to your need.

Ref Code Service Contract Duration Monthly Service Fee
ITTB/TMS1 Tanzania tourism base researches 3months 2.5milion Tsh.
ITTB/TMS2 Project Investment consultations, establishment/ renovation & development 1 year 3milion Tsh.
ITTB/TMS3 Administration team, (management and operations) 1 year 3milion Tsh.
ITTB/TMS4 Accounting and Auditing 3months 2.5milion Tsh.
ITTB/TMS5. Promotion and marketing 2 years 3milion Tsh
ITTB/TMS6 Human Resources Management 3months 2.5milion Tsh.
ITTB/TMS7 Tourism legal consultants 3months 2.5milion Tsh.
ITTB/TMS Tanzanite Package 5years 10milion Tsh.

Terms and Condition apply: Please note ITTB/TMS5 and ITTB/TMS will be 5% commissionable on net Project/Business annual revenue to Imagine Tanzania Tourism Bureau.

Get it Starts or Move Forward Now

“………..Are you going to be one of the investors into Tanzania tourism industry …?, Looking on building the Hotels, Safari Camps ,Lodge, Restaurants, Establishing Travel agency, and Tour Company, Charter Company, Water sport center……? “Or you have invested a firm and looking for further steps ahead into very remarkable achievements……? A team to administer your business promotes and markets it; prepare the marketing items in so saying that is Barnes, brochures, website, flayers, advertisement, stickers…? (Just to name a few)

One of the above may be one of the things you have been looking for long time with NO valuable answers and solution, Imagine Tanzania Tourism Bureau has the mind-boggling skilled answers for you…!


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