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The Tanzanite Discovery: : “….East African prospectors come to understand – that the country hides a rich and unexpected stock on Mineral Wealth…….”

On July 1967 a Goan tailor from Arusha found something new out of Africa……but what was it?

Few travelers arrive in Tanzania without having heard the magic word TANZANITE.
It’s a one – of – a kind gemstone found in the Masai country of Tanzania, right in the sight of Mount Kilimanjaro. By Late 1967, Manuel De Souza, the discoverer of the Tanzanite deposit, knew that his initial identification as the mineral olivine was incorrect but dumortierite, his second guess, was also wrong. By nature, tanzanite is trichroic, meaning that it shows different colors, depending on the direction in which it is viewed.

The most common natural colors are blues, violet and salmon, caused by traces of the element vanadium in the crystal structure, but other colors do occur in odd corners of the deposit where traces of the metals may partly replace the vanadium.

Most Tanzanite is heated before it reaches the market. This worthwhile procedure is entirely legimate, and was begun by the first generation of tanzanite miners who put their stone into charcoal fire in order to improve their color. The effect results in turning the “Salmon axis” to blue / purple without affecting the other two axes. The salmon axis is actually commonly colored pink, grey or yellow with the “salmon” aspect left to the viewer’s imagination.

We are Tanzanite authorized dealer; no doubt it’s a lovely stone and exclusively from Tanzania.

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