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Are you a researcher who is looking for filed attachment to conduct your Tourism research? We do research and evaluate tourism industry in ways that promote sustainable investment and development of Tanzania's tourism to international competitiveness.

We collect a large amount of data and research on Tanzania's Tourism. We want to make sure what we collect gives both us and the tourism industry the information needed and is relevant to those working in the industry.


International Visitor Arrivals / Departures Methodology

Survey Purpose
International Visitor Arrivals (IVA) provides monthly statistics on Inbound travel by international visitors to Tanzania, including visitors by country, purpose, length of stay, age, sex, point of arrival and mode of transport ( air / sea / road ).

IVA statistics are obtained from the International Travel and Migration survey, using international passenger arrival and departure forms collected at various international entry points in Tanzania.

The same survey also provides Outbound travel statistics of Tanzania residents.

International Visitor Survey Methodology

The purpose of the International Visitor Survey (IVS) is to provide accurate, information on the characteristics, behaviour and expenditure of international visitors.

Domestic Travel Survey Methodology

The purpose of the Domestic Travel Survey (DTS) is to provide accurate, information on the number and type of trip, characteristics, behaviour and expenditure of domestic visitors.

Commercial Accommodation Monitoring Methodology

The Commercial Accommodation Survey (CAM) provides regional data on the commercial accommodation sector. It measures capacity, occupancy rates and guest nights each month, and employment and guest nights by origin periodically.

Regional Visitor Monitor

The purpose of the Regional Visitor Monitor is to provide information about international and domestic visitor motivations and expectations at a regional level.

Tanzania Tourism Forecasting Methodology

This will help Tourism and Travel shareholders forecast the trend of Tanzania's tourism including inbound, outbound, domestic and regional.

Dissemination of reports

Outcomes of ITTB research will be developed into kits, and new products to inform and assist prospective investors and key players of the industry to be more knowledgeable, productive and competitive.

Our research is delivered to industry through:

•   New products and systems for national and international distribution.
•   Kits, manuals, published reports, summary sheets and flyers.
•   Training products.
•   Local and International consultation.

There will be a number of visible changes in the near future, such as branding of tourism and hospitality businesses.

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