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Tour Highlights

Since the abolition of the slave trade, spices have been at the heart of Zanzibar enterprise. The sheer variety highlights the Islands strategic location as well as the depth of cultural interaction. Indeed, no trip to Zanzibar could be considered complete without a visit to one of our carefully selected spice farms. This involves visiting the spices growing areas to see different spices and to learn their nature, uses and taste some of them right on the spot depending on the season. In addition, it involves visits to the famous spices producing area where you can see medicinal, cosmetics, ornamental plants and herbs. Most of the interesting items are cloves, nut Meg, rambutan, lipstick, iodine plant, lemon grass, vanilla, henna, shampoo plant etc. Our spice tour offers you the opportunity to indulge your senses with a kaleidoscope of smells, tastes and textures. From the punch of a chili to the refreshing succulence of green coconut flesh, we promise that this tour will awaken your senses. It also provides you with the unique opportunity to purchase these exclusive spices straight from the source. Finally, you will visit the Kidichi Persian Baths that were built by the first Sultan of Zanzibar named Sultan Said Said bin Sultan in 1850 and Maruhubi Palace Ruins built by the third Sultan of Zanzibar named Sultan Said Baraghash Bin Said in 1880 which were built especially for housing 99 of his harem. Sensible shoes and hats are advisable.

  • The tour could be in the morning or in the afternoon.

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