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We at ITTB are aware that there are always special people with a very special interests and particular requirements.

We have the skills and experience on live, dangerous and wild animals capture and equine upturn.

We gently anesthetize wild and/or dangerous animals that may be a threat to themselves, to humans or to their environment.

We work with vets, farmers, local authorities and national pet charities to help with capturing and rescuing of animals. The welfare of the animal comes first.

We work internationally as our high levels of skills and experience are hard to find.

1. Capture and Export
Its Latest techniques and equipment for immobilizing African animals of all kinds are being utilized.

2. Housing in Quarantine Facility
Our private, officially registered Quarantine facility is ready to house wide variety of animal species with Tanzanian origin destined for exportation to any country outside Tanzania. During the Quarantine period animals are provided with medication, testing, veterinary examination and supervision.

Upon completion of the quarantine period all animals are issued a Certificate recognized by the Tanzania Veterinary Authorities.


Pre-importation quarantine housing for pet dogs, cats, birds as well as any other animals destined for importation in Tanzania.

3. Transportation
Transportation of any animal species to any country worldwide using scheduled as well as charter flights can be arranged. We work with EMIRATES, SWISS, KLM, BA, ETHIOPIAN, KENYA, QATAR and others.

Also we can get use of other charter company having wide practical experience in live animals transportation.

4. Export Crates / Cages
Our Company is manufacturing export crates for various wildlife and domestic species.

All crates are made according to IATA regulations for live animals’ transportation.

5. Dist-Inject Representative
We provide guarantee and after guarantee service, as well as specific advices and support in connection with the equipment and the immobilization drugs to be used.

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