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In Amazing Tanzania, clients can find the spectacle of wildlife in its rawest exuberance amid an incredible diversity of landscape. We focus on big game viewing in the famous National parks of northern Tanzania concentrated around the Great Rift Valley. A short flight then takes us to the exotic island of Zanzibar to explore old Stone town and unwinds on its tropical beaches.

We drive first to Lake Manyara National Park, famed for its prolific birdlife as well as large elephant and hippo populations. We spend our first night high above the park on the Western escarpment of the Great Rift Valley overlooking the lake. Next we enter the great Serengeti plains. We’re at once among vast herds of wildebeest, Zebra and Grant’s Gazelle. Other wildlife includes lion, hyena, jackal, topi and cheetah. We’ll also visit the Archaeological site of Olduvai Gorge, where Louis Leakey found the fossil of ‘Nutcracker Man’. The gorge is famous for evidence of hominid activity dating back some 2.1 million years.

Driving down a steep, narrow track we enter Ngorongoro crater, believed by some to have been the proverbial “Garden of Eden”. The 100-square-mile sunken floor is the World’s largest intact caldera and contains one of Africa’s largest permanent concentrations of wildlife. Rhino, lion and elephant are the big attraction here, whilst Flamingo occupy pride of place on the shallow soda lake, Lake Mangadi. Our safari ends in Tarangire National Park, where a wide variety of animals including lion live among the dramatic landscape of primeval baobab trees.

Steeped in history, blessed with an idyllic year around climate and surrounded by some of the Indian Ocean’s finest beaches, the spice island of Zanzibar is the perfect end to our journey. You may like to explore old Stone town and the spice plantations before we head east or Northern, via Jozani Forest Reserve (home to the Red Colobus monkey), to the coast to relax on Zanzibar’s tropical palm-fringed beaches.

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