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Tour Highlights

  • Visit to: Pwani Mchangani village | Mchangani village | Kidimni village | Local school in Kidimni.

The tour starts in the morning or afternoon. We’ll get a first- hand glimpse at the everyday lives and enduring traditions of the Zanzibar people this morning, on a visit to two separate and very special villages. We begin by venturing to the island’s northeast coast, to a beach community (Pwani mchangani). Here we observe the local engage themselves in seaweed cultivation as a means of livelihood. We learn how the seaweed is nurtured from the initial stages to the point where it is ready for sale as a source of income for the beach community. More than 30 world-class beaches line the coasts of Zanzibar Island—which itself is just 50 miles long. With its warm currents year-round, the sea here attracts a variety of marine life, as we can see in its pristine, shallow waters and lush coral reefs. On a visit to the village of Mchangani this morning, the local people who call this region home will teach us the many different uses of coconut and coconut products. Next, we ride to Kidimni, a village that specializes in the construction of the famous Zanzibari doors that adorn Stone Town and the many homes in Zanzibar. Here, we’ll meet the villagers, learn about their craft, and also visit a local school.

  • After lunch at a local restaurant, you return to your hotel.
  • Half Day, inclusive of lunch

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US$ 60 Per Person

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